We were formed in 2016 because we noticed that a lot of people needed pest control that was affordable and professional. We know that pest control affords people that use it some inherent advantages. No pest in the house to bite, sting or spread disease. No economic loss to the family or facility because "a mouse is in the house" . No stigma associated with your lifestyle because you no longer have bed bugs or roaches. The unfortunate thing that we noticed is that most pest control companies only cater to those that have a lot of money. We do not believe this is fair or appropriate for our society. Everyone should be able to live pest and disease free. As a society, we have the technology and the expertise to make this happen. That's why you will find that Total Care Pest Management is one of the lowest priced Pest Control Operators in the region.

  We have years of experience and we are fully licensed by the State of Kansas.  We actually care about our clients and we don't see them just as a customer. We have staff that is Bilingual and we offer evening appointments all week. We offer Saturday and Sunday appointments as well. If you have to miss work to let the Pest Control guy in, how much is that service really costing you.

  So many pest control companies charge for inspections and quotes. We offer FREE inspections and  FREE quotes. We do not need to charge you to come out to your house, because we know that our pricing and professionalism  is the best in the area and we know that you will choose us for your pest control needs.

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