General Pest Control

  Pest enter our homes daily. Some are easy to get rid of, some, not so much. We treat for all types of pest. Insects, rodents, reptiles and wildlife. We warranty most of them, meaning that we guarantee that we will eliminate the problem in most cases. There are some that can not be warrantied because they are always coming in. We can help keep them out by using various tools and exclusion techniques. That's why we are called Total Care Pest Management and not Total Care Pest Exterminators. Some pest can not be eradicated, only managed. Call us at 620-412-1008 or 316-221-0876  and we can talk about your specific issues. We do offer FREE inspections and free bids.

Termite Control

  Termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses every year.  But, there are other wood destroying insects as well. We are well trained in how to address any of these wood destroying insects. We offer FREE inspections and FREE bids. Call us at 620-412-1008 and we would be glad to visit with you at no charge. In Wichita call 316-221-0876.

Watch the video on the right and we will show you how we get rid of termites!

Commercial pest Control

We partner with many restaurants and businesses and offer the best service they can get.  For your FREE consultation call 620-412-1008 today. In Wichita call 316-221-0876

Health care solutions

Use our experience in developing proactive Bedbug programs, HAACP plans and employee education to safe guard your Health care facility using the latest methods of IPM. We are fully versed and trained in HIPAA as well. Call us at 620-412-1008 or 316-221-0876 for a FREE consultation.

Contacting us

You can reach us for a FREE inspection, over the phone quote or just to ask a "bug" question at 620-412-1008. If you want to talk to us in Wichita, call 316-221-0876.

Or Email us by contacting us on our contact us page.

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