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Ants are on the way in Wichita, Emporia and Kansas

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. We were looking at the 90 day weather forecast and it says that we are going to be unseasonably warm and dry all the way to March. That’s not real good news for farmers, ranchers or exterminators. We have had Termite swarms erupt last month. (Very rare) Ant colonies are only a few inches below the soil. If the forecast is correct we will have an enormous Ant invasion in late February and early March. Get prepared now, now is the time to put a granule around your house. Try to get something with Imildacloprid in it. We will start our pre-treats for Ants in February, earlier if we see them come up earlier.

Posted 21 weeks ago

Bed Bugs in Emporia and Wichita

We have noticed an uptick in bedbug calls this week. I was speaking with another PCO and he thinks the same thing that I do. As it gets colder, we spend more time indoors. When we spend more time indoors we begin to notice indoor stuff, like the bed bugs that have been in our bed all summer long. Call Total Care Pest Management if you want a low price for this treatment and if you want it done right. There are companies out there that charge $1200-$1500 for the same job we only charge $500 for. It is akin to robbery and its just GREED! We will be fair with you, honest with you and kind to your wallet. We do a free inspection and we tell you all of the cost up front. When we do get rid of them you have a 30 day warranty on the service. We treat all of your sleeping areas, your living room furniture, all of your baseboards, your window dressings and all of your carpets. We will walk you through the whole process with our handy checklist. We have heard that some of the other companies technicians make their customers feel dirty or uncouth, we know that it is not a dirty thing, Bed bugs are hitchhikers. The bed bug can come from anywhere, Dr’s waiting rooms, church pews, bus seats, theater seats.  Go to our pest topics page to see some awesome pictures of bed bugs and to read more about what we do in your neighborhood. Total Care Pest Management has been operating for two years now and our goal is to bring affordable priced pest control to the masses. There is no need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for treatments that should only cost a fraction of what other companies charge. We are a Christian focused company and we have Christian values. Call us at 620-412-1008 and we can set up a time for your free evaluation. Our hours are eight to eight (8-8) Monday through Friday and eight to noon (8-12) on Saturday.

Posted 27 weeks ago

Wildlife in Wichita and Emporia

Not only mice are moving indoors. Yesterday I removed an Opossum from a ladies porch. It had dug a burrow under the stem wall of her crawlspace. If you have a Skunk, Opossum or even squirrels in your house or under your house. Don’t try to handle it yourself. Rabies is no laughing matter. Call a professional and have it removed humanely and safely. Safe for both the human and the animal. Total Care Pest Management has a licensed wildlife removal specialist on staff. Visit us at or call us at 620-412-1008.

Posted 27 weeks ago

Emporia, Wichita,Andover Mice

The mice are definately moving indoors. Over the past few days we have seen an amazing uptick in “mouse in the house” calls. Some of the old timers are saying “it’s a sign a heavy winter is a comin!”  I just think it is a sign that the summer was abundant with food for these guys and they proliferated to the point that we actually are beginning to notice. Keep you dog food put away unless your dogs nose is in it, Don’t have any standing water around. Make it very inhospitable for them and maybe they will go next door……

Posted 27 weeks ago

Wichita pest control

As our company begins to market itself in the Wichita Pest Control market, we have noticed that there are a lot of companies in the market. Almost all of them have positioned themselves as the “best service for the best price”. Many of them say it in a different way. They call it “professional service”, “superior service”, blah blah blah. How many of them will talk with you on the phone about your specific problem? How many will ask you questions or even come by for a free inspection? How many have a same day service policy? As we go into the winter months, a lot of these guys will slow down and just not be available. We ramp up our game and start doing more preventative things for spiders and ants. We start doing proactive measures for mice and crickets. That way, in the spring we can focus on controlling the problem instead of trying to beat it back.

Posted 27 weeks ago

Pest Control same day service

Is there an interest in same day service for pest control? Much like the plumbers. If it is after hours should there be an additional charge? Help us get some information about what kind of after hours service our customers would like? No sense in letting that mouse in the house keep you up all night. Peace of mind does come at a price. Let us know what you think at

Posted 28 weeks ago

Winter pest in Wichita and Emporia

The last few days in both Wichita and in Emporia has seen us going on even more calls for roaches and mice than we have had in the past. We are also starting to see an uptick in Bedbug questions as well. All three of these pest are more prevalent during the winter. Because we spend more times indoors and we notice them. They are with us most of the time, but we don’t notice them. Except for the mice the roaches and Bedbugs really prosper from us being inside more often because it is colder outside. We did have a question yesterday, “Can we leave the heater off and force the Bedbugs to go away?”. The short answer is “ That doesn’t work.” Bedbugs can slow their metabolism for up to 18 months. They will just wait out the cold. Roaches might move on in there is no food to be had. But it is generally a better solution to have a pest control specialist treat the problem. We are one of the cheapest in the state of Kansas, We are the cheapest in Emporia and I think we are the cheapest in Wichita. The Wichita pest control landscape changes so frequently, it is hard to make a comment like “we are the cheapest”. Give us a call, Total Care Pest Management, 620-412-1008

Posted 28 weeks ago

Mice in Wichita just like mice in the country

There really is no difference between the actions of city mice and their country cousins. They are all focused on one thing…finding a nice home. In the country a barn will do, in the city a garage. A good way to see if you are going to have problems with mice this winter is to do a thorough walk around the outside of your home. Look for holes about the size of a quarter, look for runs of grass that are laying flat next to the wall, look for that orange foam stuff that is missing around your air conditioner lines. Sometimes, with the garage door closed and the garage light on, if you step outside and look at the bottom of your door you will see where they can get in. If you have a two car garage with two concrete pours (with a concrete line down the middle) sometimes the mice can get in right in the middle. Where the rubber door gasket goes across that middle trough made by the concrete pour. If you have an outside bundle of wires that go up the side of the building, make sure the end going inside is sealed with caulk. You can also call us for a free inspection, we will walk with you and show you what to do. If you want we can arrange to have it done for you.  Total Care Pest Management-620-412-1008

Posted 28 weeks ago

Bed Bugs in Hotels!

Our company is beginning to get a pretty good reputation for getting rid of Bed Bugs. So much so that we are now doing several Hotels and Motels. For commercial accounts it is a matter of educating the housekeeping staff and then doing preventative treatments on a monthly basis. For your home it is much the same, but, because you do not have the volume of guest that a Hotel does, you probably do not need the preventative every month.

Posted 28 weeks ago

Mice, Mice everywhere

The great mouse migration has begun. We are getting inundated with mouse and rat calls. The rodents are heading indoors, where it is nice and warm and dry. They soon will be having their litters. We at Total Care Pest Management can help you with this problem. First look for droppings in the corners under your sink, in the corners of your garage and on the ledges above your cabinets. If you see any droppings, then give us a call. We can help you get rid of them and help you stop them from coming in and endangering your family or your food stocks.

Posted 28 weeks ago